Real Estate Closings

We provide a relaxed environment to buyer, seller and borrower. Our closers are friendly and professional.

Title Insurance

Our main goal is to insure your property. Our team has great knowledge and experience in title and research to make sure your Title is clean and insurable.

Title Searches

We provide this service to those that just need to see what their chain of title looks like or other issues. For more information please contact one of our Title Examiners.

Ellyson Abstract is dedicated to ensuring that your equity position in your mortgage transactions is fully protected.
Our commitments are insured through the largest and most reliable title underwriter in the country.

Search and Search Related Products
Ellyson Abstract will tailor its search products to fit your needs. Some of our search and search related products include:

  • Ownership and encumbrance searches
  • 60 Year searches
  • Bring-down reports
  • Specific document search
  • Pick up and recordation of mortgage instruments or deed of trust
  • Current owner search
  • Property reports
  • Intervening lien & subordination reports
  • Copies of instruments
  • Examination of mortgage instruments or deed of trust

Standard Report Features
Reports include the following information:

  • Vesting of title
  • Current assessment records
  • Mechanics liens
  • Judgments
  • Any customized information you require
  • Legal description
  • Property tax information
  • Current deed status of all mortgages
  • Federal tax liens

Courtesy Closings

If you cannot make your closing elsewhere we can help close your transaction. We have three notaries on hand. If your seller/buyer/ borrower needs to close in our office we can accommodate.

Land Men

We have sovereign card plats. After 1990 our plats are computerized. Brewster/ Jeff Davis / Presidio Counties. For more information call any one of our staff members.

Serving Our Community

For Over 25 Years